[Mauiusers] maui and PBSPro 7 integration

Franco Martin Bladilo bladilo at rice.edu
Wed Jun 14 20:38:35 MDT 2006

Job arrays and integration with the matlab distributed computing toolkit 
are two of the main reasons driving us to a PBSPro upgrade. I think our 
next step should be setting up the test system and identify specific 
issues with the configuration.

Your input was very valuable indeed, thank you.


Andrew J Caird wrote:
> Hello Franco,
> We tested PBSPro 7.1 with Maui early on (when 7.1 was still in beta) and 
> while we spent a little time working with the guys at Cluster Resources 
> and Altair, Altair made it pretty clear to us that they didn't view the 
> support of an external scheduler as something they wanted to do.  I'm 
> not sure if our work with the Cluster Resources guys resulted in any 
> substantive changes in Maui that would help because we abandoned PBSPro 
> pretty quickly based on Altair's response.  We moved to Torque and have 
> been quite happy so far - clearly its integration with Maui/Moab is very 
> good.  There are some things that Altair is doing that we'd like to see 
> in Torque (notably job arrays) but I guess if we want it bad enough we 
> can write it ourselves. :)  We have actually been able to make a few 
> contributions to Torque and it's nice to get positive responses.
> If you're able to set up a test system our experience with the support 
> from Cluster Resources was pretty good - I'd try to engage them.  And, I 
> guess, you could try to engage Altair, too although the quote from them 
> from last October was "We don't support the Maui scheduler so we have no 
> documentation that will help".
> I know this probably isn't that helpful to you, but hopefully you'll 
> find some value in our experiences.
> Best of luck,
> --andy
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> On Wed, 14 Jun 2006, Franco Martin Bladilo wrote:
>> We are considering upgrading our PBSPro 5.2 installations to 7,
>> significant changes have taken place in the job resource request /
>> placement area. Has anyone successfully integrated maui with the 
>> PBSPro v7 ?
>> Any information is greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks.
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