[Mauiusers] maui and PBSPro 7 integration

Andrew J Caird acaird at umich.edu
Wed Jun 14 20:05:19 MDT 2006

Hello Franco,

We tested PBSPro 7.1 with Maui early on (when 7.1 was still in beta) and 
while we spent a little time working with the guys at Cluster Resources 
and Altair, Altair made it pretty clear to us that they didn't view the 
support of an external scheduler as something they wanted to do.  I'm not 
sure if our work with the Cluster Resources guys resulted in any 
substantive changes in Maui that would help because we abandoned PBSPro 
pretty quickly based on Altair's response.  We moved to Torque and have 
been quite happy so far - clearly its integration with Maui/Moab is very 
good.  There are some things that Altair is doing that we'd like to see in 
Torque (notably job arrays) but I guess if we want it bad enough we can 
write it ourselves. :)  We have actually been able to make a few 
contributions to Torque and it's nice to get positive responses.

If you're able to set up a test system our experience with the support 
from Cluster Resources was pretty good - I'd try to engage them.  And, I 
guess, you could try to engage Altair, too although the quote from them 
from last October was "We don't support the Maui scheduler so we have no 
documentation that will help".

I know this probably isn't that helpful to you, but hopefully you'll find 
some value in our experiences.

Best of luck,
Andrew Caird              Director of High Performance Computing 
University of Michigan Engineering/Center for Advanced Computing
http://cac.engin.umich.edu     acaird at umich.edu     734.647.5273

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006, Franco Martin Bladilo wrote:

> We are considering upgrading our PBSPro 5.2 installations to 7,
> significant changes have taken place in the job resource request /
> placement area. Has anyone successfully integrated maui with the PBSPro v7 ?
> Any information is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
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> Franco Bladilo
> Linux Architect
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