[Mauiusers] Re: honouring priority set via qsub -p

Anthony Iano-Fletcher arif at mail.nih.gov
Mon Jan 30 12:23:36 MST 2006

We are using maui, version 3.2.6p14, and torque, version 2.0.0p5. When we
submit jobs with
 	qsub -p -200 job1
 	qsub -p -100 job2
 	qsub -p -400 job3
they are run in order of being queued and not in order of priority.
I have the lines 
	USERPRIOWEIGHT       100	# seems to be a moab directive?
but it would seem that maui ignores the user specified priority.

Any suggestions of how to convince maui to honour the priority flag?

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