[Mauiusers] Re: [Moabusers] Moab in Simulation mode

Dave Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Thu Jan 26 12:53:13 MST 2006


  You are correct that you can modify your workload trace to clear out
the job hostlists manually.  With Moab, it may be easier to specify the


  Also, setting the parameter SIMPURGEBLOCKEDJOBS may be helpful, see


  Please let us know if you could use further assistance.


On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 18:08 -0700, Abhishek Gaurav wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been trying to use moab in simulation mode. Moab starts in 
> simulation mode perfectly, however, the job indicated in the workload 
> does not get to run. Looking within the logs shows that no matching 
> resources were found, although, all the nodes are in idle state. With an 
> increased log level, it appears that all the nodes are rejected becuase 
> they are not in the "specified hostlist". I am unable to understand as 
> to where has this host list to be specified. In the the workload trace, 
> there is a field "Required Host List", but I believe this is when the 
> job explicitly needs to use those hosts otherwise, keeping it empty 
> should be fine. Is this true ?
> If anyone can provide help on this that'd be great. Following are 
> snippets from the log file:
> Thanks,
> Abhishek.
> *************************************************************************
>  MReqCheckResourceMatch(jobcreate,0,simGrc16,RIndex,2139974785)
>  INFO:     node simGrc16 rejected - not in specified hostlist
>  INFO:     node simGrc16 does not meet requirements (HostList)
>    <<<similarly for all other nodes>>>
> 0 feasible tasks found for job jobcreate:0 in partition base (1 Needed)
> INFO:     inadequate feasible tasks found for job jobcreate:0
> INFO:     cannot locate configured resources in MJobGetRange() - node 
> simGrc16 does not meet requirements (HostList)
> node simGrc17 does not meet requirements (HostList)
> node simGrc18 does not meet requirements (HostList)
> node simGrc19 does not meet requirements (HostList)
> node simGrc20 does not meet requirements (HostList)
> ALERT:    job jobcreate cannot run in any partition
> ALERT:    cannot create new rsv for job jobcreate (shape[1] 1)
> ALERT:    cannot create new reservation for job jobcreate
> MJobSetHold(jobcreate,16,1:00:00,NoResources,cannot create reservation 
> for job 'jobcreate' (initial reservation attempt)
> MRsvFind(-,RP,[NONE])
> INFO:     cannot locate reservation '-'
>  MRsvFind(-,RP,GroupID)
> INFO:     cannot locate reservation '-'
> MJobShow(jobcreate,0,Buf)
> INFO:     job 'jobcreate' removed on iteration 0 (cannot run in 
> simulated environment), reason: NoResources
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