[Mauiusers] Dual-boot labs and standing reservations

Mike Renfro renfro at tntech.edu
Fri Jan 20 12:27:03 MST 2006

I'm in the middle of setting up Torque and Maui for some CFD work, and
need either some clarification or other advice on use of standing
reservations. We currently have two rooms with 14 systems each that
are normally used as Windows labs, but automatically reboot into Linux
outside of lab hours (roughly 01:00-07:00 Monday through Friday, and
18:00 Friday through 13:00 Sunday).

Are standing reservations the best way to keep from queueing jobs to
those systems that aren't expected to finish during our windows of
availability? If so, is 'diagnose -r' supposed to show more than the
currently active standing reservation? From the documentation I had
read, I thought it was going to show today's reservation, and also the
ones for Sunday and other days. Or do I have something wrong in my
configuration or understanding?

Also, as a robustness issue, will these reservations fail when one of
the dual-boot systems is out of commission, since I'm asking for 27
CPUs out of a group of 27?

diagnose -r output

Diagnosing Reservations
ResID                      Type Par   StartTime     EndTime     Duration Node Task Proc
-----                      ---- ---   ---------     -------     -------- ---- ---- ----
labhours_fri.0.0           User DEF    00:00:00     5:20:21      5:20:21   27   27   27
    ACL: RES==labhours_fri.0=
    CL:  RES==labhours_fri.0
    Task Resources: PROCS: 1
    Attributes (HostList='ch405b ch405c ch405d ch405e ch405f ch405g ch405h ch405i ch405j ch405k ch405l ch405m ch405n ch409a ch409b ch409c ch409d ch409e ch409f ch409g ch409h ch409i ch409j ch409k ch409l ch409m ch409n')
    Active PH: 0.00/0.01 (0.00%)
    SRAttributes (TaskCount: 27  StartTime: 7:20:00  EndTime: 18:30:00  Days: Fri)

Active Reserved Processors: 0

SRCFG section of maui.cfg

SRCFG[labhours_montuewedthu] ACCESS=DEDICATED
SRCFG[labhours_montuewedthu] DAYS=Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
SRCFG[labhours_montuewedthu] STARTTIME=7:20:00
SRCFG[labhours_montuewedthu] ENDTIME=00:00:00
SRCFG[labhours_montuewedthu] TASKCOUNT=27
SRCFG[labhours_montuewedthu] RESOURCES=PROCS:1
SRCFG[labhours_montuewedthu] HOSTLIST=ch405b,ch405c,ch405d,ch405e,ch405f,ch405g,ch405h,ch405i,ch405j,ch405k,ch405l,ch405m,ch405n,ch409a,ch409b,ch409c,ch409d,ch409e,ch409f,ch409g,ch409h,ch409i,ch409j,ch409k,ch409l,ch409m,ch409n

SRCFG[labhours_tuewedthufri] ACCESS=DEDICATED
SRCFG[labhours_tuewedthufri] DAYS=Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
SRCFG[labhours_tuewedthufri] STARTTIME=00:00:00
SRCFG[labhours_tuewedthufri] ENDTIME=1:00:00
SRCFG[labhours_tuewedthufri] TASKCOUNT=27
SRCFG[labhours_tuewedthufri] RESOURCES=PROCS:1
SRCFG[labhours_tuewedthufri] HOSTLIST=ch405b,ch405c,ch405d,ch405e,ch405f,ch405g,ch405h,ch405i,ch405j,ch405k,ch405l,ch405m,ch405n,ch409a,ch409b,ch409c,ch409d,ch409e,ch409f,ch409g,ch409h,ch409i,ch409j,ch409k,ch409l,ch409m,ch409n

SRCFG[labhours_fri] DAYS=Fri
SRCFG[labhours_fri] STARTTIME=7:20:00
SRCFG[labhours_fri] ENDTIME=18:30:00
SRCFG[labhours_fri] TASKCOUNT=27
SRCFG[labhours_fri] HOSTLIST=ch405b,ch405c,ch405d,ch405e,ch405f,ch405g,ch405h,ch405i,ch405j,ch405k,ch405l,ch405m,ch405n,ch409a,ch409b,ch409c,ch409d,ch409e,ch409f,ch409g,ch409h,ch409i,ch409j,ch409k,ch409l,ch409m,ch409n

SRCFG[labhours_sun] DAYS=Sun
SRCFG[labhours_sun] STARTTIME=12:20:00
SRCFG[labhours_sun] ENDTIME=00:00:00
SRCFG[labhours_sun] TASKCOUNT=27
SRCFG[labhours_sun] HOSTLIST=ch405b,ch405c,ch405d,ch405e,ch405f,ch405g,ch405h,ch405i,ch405j,ch405k,ch405l,ch405m,ch405n,ch409a,ch409b,ch409c,ch409d,ch409e,ch409f,ch409g,ch409h,ch409i,ch409j,ch409k,ch409l,ch409m,ch409n

Mike Renfro  / R&D Engineer, Center for Manufacturing Research,
931 372-3601 / Tennessee Technological University -- renfro at tntech.edu

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