[Mauiusers] "not" in userlists? [was:Re: [Rocks-Discuss]PBS reservations]

Andrew J Caird acaird at umich.edu
Thu Jan 19 05:52:32 MST 2006

The message below is from the Rocks Clusters email list, and I thought I'd 
pass it on because of its comment that there is no "not" operator in the 
user list specification.  First, is that true?  I seem to recall there 
being one, but don't know why I thought that.  If there isn't one, this 
seems like a feature worth adding.


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Thanks, flattery will get you everywhere ;-)

I've been looking for solutions for this myself, but never found an easy
straight forward way to achieve this since maui doesn't contain any not
operator in the userlist for standing reservations.  (Inserting all users
except one into the user access list isn't a very maintainable way of

However, with a combination of changes to the queues in pbs and resevations in
maui this is possible:
 	1.  change the default queue to a routing queue.
 	2. create one (or more) user specific queue.
 	3. create one queue for the rest of the users.
 	4. create the neccessary node specific reservations in maui.

Here are the gory details.

Cut'nPaste into qmgr:
# Create and define queue userA
create queue userA
set queue userA queue_type = Execution
set queue userA acl_user_enable = True
set queue userA acl_users = userA
set queue userA enabled = True
set queue userA started = True
# Create and define queue others
create queue others
set queue others queue_type = Execution
set queue others acl_user_enable = True
set queue others acl_users = !userA
set queue others enabled = True
set queue others started = True
#change the default route
set queue default queue_type = Route
set queue default route_destinations = userA
set queue default route_destinations += others

  Then in maui.cfg:


This should sort of work, but as I said, it is less than elegant.  I try very
hard to keep all changes within maui, but in this case it is not possible
with the current version of maui.


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