[Mauiusers] Re: reserving nodes to a particular queue

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Fri Jan 13 00:49:12 MST 2006

Anthony Iano-Fletcher wrote:
> Hello Jerry
> Thanks for the answer. That was the missing piece.
> This will set up a reservation so that only jobs in queue 'new' will be
> allowed to use the new nodes. So far, so good.
> However jobs in the 'new' queue can still use the old nodes if they are
> available. I could set up reservations for my 'old' queue to only have
> access to the old nodes; i.e.
>   SRCFG[old] PERIOD=INFINITY HOSTLIST=old[123456789] CLASSLIST=defaultq
> This gets complicated if there are more than 2 queues and I have to add
> and remove hostnames to these lists.
> Is there a better way of restricting jobs in the 'new' queue to exactly
> the 'new' nodes? 

We set an node property and we create a queue that require that node 
property and in in maui we do reservation with the same node property.
Then this nodes are only accessable when you specify that node property 
or if you specify the queue name it only rin on the nodes that are 
reserved for that queue, eg:

node property: bioasp (for some nodes)
create queue q_bioasp
set queue q_bioasp queue_type = Execution
set queue q_bioasp acl_host_enable = False
set queue q_bioasp resources_max.nodect = 1
set queue q_bioasp resources_default.neednodes = bioasp
set queue q_bioasp resources_default.nodect = 1
set queue q_bioasp resources_default.nodes = 1
set queue q_bioasp enabled = True
set queue q_bioasp started = True

SRCFG[q_bioasp]        STARTTIME=0:00:00 ENDTIME=24:00:00
SRCFG[q_bioasp]        PERIOD=INFINITY
SRCFG[q_bioasp]        CLASSLIST=q_bioasp
SRCFG[q_bioasp]        NODEFEATURES=bioasp

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