[Mauiusers] Help dealing with myrinet nodes

Baker D.J. D.J.Baker at soton.ac.uk
Fri Jan 6 09:06:07 MST 2006


Quite soon we are going to upgrade our cluster, and in particular we
will be retrofitting some of our nodes with myrinet cards. Doing a
little research, and experimenting I have found that it's possible to
"direct away" ethernet based jobs from the myrinet nodes by adding the
following to the maui.cfg...

NODECFG[node1] Priority = "high value" 
NODECFG[node2] Priority = "low value" (This is a myrinet node)

Using this scheme you can successfully ensure that jobs not requiring
myrinet are scheduled first to high priority nodes, and so they are less
likely to be allocated to the myrinet nodes. Can, however, this scheme
be made a great deal stronger? Can ethernet based jobs just be allocated
to myrinet enabled nodes by a backfill procedure -- ensuring that such
jobs just tend to fill "holes" rather than going there as a matter of
course? Any advice would be appreciated, please.

Thank you -- David.

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