[Mauiusers] maui + gold and non-default groups

Brett Ellis ellis at cs.utk.edu
Wed Jan 4 09:48:45 MST 2006

Hey Jen,
  Maybe the -A field in qsub.  It will get passed in to epilogue as field
9, so that at the job's completion you could set an epilogue script to tell
Gold to charge the account specified by -A.

gcharge -J PBS.1234.0 -p $9 -u amy -m colony -P 2 -t 1234

where -p would $9 in the epilogue script.  You'd need to do some
parsing of the $7 to give time used.  Almost everything else
maps pretty directly.  Here is an overview of the epilogue args


What I'm trying to think thru now is if you do that, since Maui is already
charging, if they will get double charged? I guess you can make torque handle
all the charges, and just tell users to add the -A field for all jobs.

I'm a fan of doing things in Torque rather than Maui.  Seems like you would also
be able to throw -W something in and teach the maui.cfg to override the default
charge group.

Seems like someone would have a more elegant solution than this, but those are
my thoughts.

Aquarijen wrote:
> Hi Brett and List Folks,
> Yeah, I saw that they can do this manually, but maui is set to
> automatically do this for the user to the user's default gold group -
> I have it set up so the user doesn't have to reserve or do anything
> special at all - because it is required that they pay for cycles, so,
> we don't want the possibility of their being able to accidentally not
> get charged... We also wanted this to be seamless. Seems like they
> should e able to specify something - maybe a variable - in their
> submission script and have this be passed to maui so it could change
> their from their default project to something more appropriate for
> their job...  Am I making sense?  Maui gets their default project from
> gold, so it doesn't care.  Maui passes the pbs job info as well to
> gold without the user even having to know we have gold or what it
> is...  I want to say to the user, "Joe User, use this line in your
> submission script to change your project for your job in order for
> project X to be charged for cycles rather than Project Y"
> -Jen
> ORNL Institutional Cluster Admin
> On 1/4/06, Brett Ellis <ellis at cs.utk.edu> wrote:
>>Aquarijen wrote:
>>>How does the user choose that today, for this one job, he's working
>>>for the nanotech group instead of supercooled materials?
>>Hey Jen,
>>  Looks like on page 29 of the pdf it talks about charging to a specific
>>project making reservations and the like.  I would assume that Torque/Maui
>>wouldn't need to be involved, as gold just needs to know the PBS job id,
>>and then it will make the charges appropriately.
>>It looks like so long as they allocate against their project correctly
>>when reserving it won't matter.
>>Hope this helps,
>>  Brett
>>>I'm sorry if this is covered in the documentation - I am just not finding it.
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