[Mauiusers] Maui 3.4.6p14 and per/task disk monitoring ?

Mathieu OUDART Mathieu.Oudart at cnes.fr
Wed Feb 8 08:17:28 MST 2006

Hi all,

I noticed some very interesting new features in the Cluster Resources 
Newsletter (January 2006) :

 > Cluster Resources this month announced the release of Maui 3.4.6p14.
 > The new patch includes contributions made by the user community.
 > New features:
 > - Integrated with latest MCom library
 > - Added support for S3 node features, opaque attributes, multi-req 
task groups
 > - Added support for TORQUE/PBS disk space reporting (Poland)         
 > - Added support for per/task disk consumption in TORQUE/PBS 
(Poland)      <=HERE
 > Cluster Resources wishes to thank all who contribute to making Maui a 
better open source
 > solution. To download the latest version of Maui, visit 

I haven't found much details about these disk space monitoring features.

Maybe this could resolve a problem we experienced on our Torque/Maui 
Linux cluster :

we wanted to set up a per job disk limitation, preventing jobs getting 
too much disk space.
for that we used "RESOURCELIMITPOLICY     DISK:ALWAYS:CANCEL" in maui.cfg.

But with qsub on Linux systems, there was no resource concerning the 
allowed disk space for the job.
We only had the resource "file" which is the largest size of any single 
file that may be created by the job.

so we were not able to set up the disk space limitation.

Is there an issue for that in the recent Torque/Maui releases ?

Could someone point me to some details about these two new features ?


Mathieu OUDART

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