[Mauiusers] trouble with USERCFG limits

Augustinas Abaravichyus augustine at bu.edu
Tue Feb 7 11:18:55 MST 2006


we are having several problems with  'USERCFG[user] MAXJOB=limit' setting.

It appears that maui double counts the jobs, so I have to set limit*2 in 
order to enforce the right limit.

It also appears that when a job exists, additional jobs get started 
ignoring the set limit.


our NODEACCESSPOLICY is set to SHARED.  We do not have these problems on 
another cluster where we set NODEACCESSPOLICY as SINGLEJOB.

Any advice on how to troubleshoot this, or a pointer to the right place 
to ask for help would be greatly appreciated.

- Augustinas

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