[Mauiusers] error compiling maui-3.2.6p16 with torque-2.1.[0-2]

Sebastian Walter sebastian.walter at fu-berlin.de
Wed Aug 2 13:00:13 MDT 2006

Garrick Staples wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 03:57:33PM +0200, Sebastian Walter alleged:
>> If I use the torque-home-dir as I understood by the installation docs,
>> then configure is failing with:
>> configure: error: can't find pbs-config or libpbs.a
> maui's --with-pbs refers to the installation directory of TORQUE (source
> directory won't work).  Unfortunately it doesn't work quite right in the
> current release.
> Either use the latest snap, or have pbs-config in your path.

I'm using the latest snap (maui-3.2.6p16-snap.1153529978) and pbs-config
is in the path, but it still doesn't work...

[root at master maui-3.2.6p16]# which pbs-config

[root at master maui-3.2.6p16]#./configure --prefix=/usr/local
--with-spooldir=$MAUIDIR --with-pbs=$TORQUECFG

[...]checking whether ln -s works... yes
configure: error: can't find pbs-config or libpbs.a


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