[Mauiusers] Maui with Torque not working

Garrick Staples garrick at clusterresources.com
Wed Aug 2 08:27:43 MDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 09:01:52AM +0200, Sebastian Walter alleged:
> Dear Maui users,
> today I tried to install maui over my exisiting and working torque
> installation. I restarted even installing torque from ground up. I
> therefore use torque 2.1.1 and maui 3.2.6p16-snap.1153529978 (there was
> a message in this list claiming that the plain maui-3.2.6p16 has
> problems with the actual torque).
> Following the Torque Admin Manual and the Moab-PBS/TORQUE Integration
> Guide, I had no problems compiling and installing the software. But my
> jobs are not processed.
> qstat gives me (it doesn't matter if maui is running at all):
> Job id              Name             User            Time Use S Queue
> ------------------- ---------------- --------------- -------- - -----
> 2.master         STDIN            torqusr              0 Q batch
> showq shows no jobs.
> In the maui.log (attached), I find warnings about not finding resources
> and workload. Do I have to define that before the queues get processed?
> Any help is greatly appreciated.

It would appear that maui is misconfigured.  Can we see the RMCFG lines
in maui.cfg?

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