[Mauiusers] error compiling maui-3.2.6p16 with torque-2.1.[0-2]

Sebastian Walter sebastian.walter at fu-berlin.de
Wed Aug 2 07:57:33 MDT 2006

Hi list,

I try to install maui ontop of our working torque installation, but the
configure command fails claiming that it can't find the pbs library.
Actually, I don't really know whether as the parameter --with-pbs I
should use the torque-home-directory (--with-server-home from torque
configuration) or the location of the torque source files. The latter
works (after chmodding pbs-config executable), but results in a
non-working maui installation (not finding torque's nodes/ressources).

If I use the torque-home-dir as I understood by the installation docs,
then configure is failing with:
configure: error: can't find pbs-config or libpbs.a
Of course, there is no libpbs, but a libtorque in torque's `server-home`...


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