[Mauiusers] Re: mauireswww modified for SMP nodes.

Niclas Andersson nican at nsc.liu.se
Wed Apr 26 03:26:17 MDT 2006

Hello Angel de Vincente,

> at our site we have been using until now the contrib UI program mauireswww by
> Niclas Andersson that comes with Maui to let users have a quick look at the
> reservations of the cluster. But since our nodes are 4-way nodes, the
> information was somewhat misleading (i.e. if someone made a 1 processor
> reservation, the graph seems to imply that the whole node is reserved).
> Thus, I modified the program to trim it down, write it all in just a
> single perl file (plus a gif image), and to take into account the
> number of processors of each node (which can be different for each
> node), so I thought I would contribute it to this list, in case
> someone is interested.

I'm certainly interested in your modification. We use mauireswww on
several clusters. Since our smallest allocation on all clusters (so
far) is one node (1 or 2 processors), I've never bothered to look into
sub-node allocations. When more and more cores are housed in one node
and sub-node allocations are used, a sub-node view of the scheduling
status is quite important. We bought an SGI Altix recently with 64
processor on which we are running moab. One 64-way node. A sub-node
view is crucial.

For larger clusters, I prefer to have a view where the nodes are
sorted on completion time of running jobs. (see
http://www.nsc.liu.se/cgi-bin/monolithstatus for a live example).  It
gives a quick overview of the "load" of the system and expected wait
time for high priority jobs. 

 Niclas Andersson

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