[Mauiusers] maui configuration: multiple jobs per node

Jeff Castura jcastura at site.uottawa.ca
Mon Apr 24 09:04:29 MDT 2006

I am trying to configure maui (3.2.6p14) to allow a user to use all 12 of
the processors in a small 6-node cluster.  Currently a user may use all of
the nodes, but for some reason cannot use both processors in a single
node.  (Note all jobs are serial)

Cluster configuration:
node001 np=2 all compute opteron
node002 np=2 all compute opteron
node003 np=2 all compute opteron
node004 np=2 all compute opteron
node005 np=2 all compute opteron
node006 np=2 all compute opteron

When idle, pbstop reports:
Usage Totals: 0/12 Procs, 0/6 Nodes, 0/0 Jobs Running
Node States:     6 free

I am spawning jobs using:
 qsub -l walltime=15:00,nodes=1:ppn=1 script.pbs

 If I spwan more than 6 jobs as a single user, only 6 will run at any
time, the remainder stay queued.  However, another user can run jobs on
the cluster using the remaining 6 processors.  So it seems that users are
being prevented from using more than a single processor on a node.

Running 7 jobs as a single user, pbstop reports:
Usage Totals: 6/12 Procs, 6/6 Nodes, 6/7 Jobs Running
Node States:     6 free

Relevant lines from /usr/local/maui/maui.cfg
NODEMAXLOAD                 1.75

How can I configure (or use?) maui to allow a user to run more than 6 jobs
at a time?

Thanks very much,


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