[Mauiusers] Re: Suspended jobs resume execution

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Mon Apr 24 06:29:19 MDT 2006

>    - So, what happens is that the jobs in the IDLE queue eventually get a higher
>  priority of the job that is suspended. The suspended job should ideally restart
>  after the preemptor job finishes, but since the other job in the IDLE queue already 
>  has a higher priority, that other job gets an an automatic reservation for the nodes 
>  once they are free and they "preempt" the suspended job once again. And this happens
>  regardless of whether this new job has the preemptor tag or not. 

Your config was fine as an example for my cluster, thanks, everything works. 
I think it was the missing

QOSWEIGHT             1
CLASSWEIGHT           1

Jobs are running just fine (shouldn't both of them automatically set to 1 ?)

However I experience the very same problem as you do (I need the 
QUEUETIMEWEIGHT set to 1) - the preempted ones stay suspended and instead a 
NEW job from the batch queue is started :-(

I think this is a bug: suspended jobs *should age*, too.
Or automatically get a slightly higher priority than the highest in the same 
class to prevent it from staying suspended and interrupted by jobs from the 
same class.

Could some developer shortly comment on that issue?


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