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renyanliang yanliangren_2002 at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Apr 19 09:43:31 MDT 2006

     Thanks very much, I have try to install the pbs_python successfully, But the pbs module still couldn`t be find, moreover, I couldn`t find some available reference about it. Who can give me some advice to tell me what I should to do to load the pbs module, after install the pbs_python. Because I still couldn`t run the pbs_state.py, same error could happened. 
  Best Regard!

Bas van der Vlies <basv at sara.nl> дµÀ£º
  renyanliang wrote:
> Dear Every body:
> Today I have successfully install the ganglia monitor system, but 
> the proble is happened when I install the gangle_pbs_0.9.13, when I 
> runing the pbs_stat.py the erro is:
> File "./pbs_stat.py", line 40, in?
> import pbs
> ImportError: No module named pbs
> It seems the error is couldn`t find the pbs module in my system, but I 
> couldn`t how to install this module, if this module can be autoinstall 
> when we install pbs. Hope some body can give me some help.
> Best Regard!

If you read the README. There is a line required pbs_python.tar.gz also
available where you downloaded ganglia_pbs.

PS) ganglia_pbs is replaced by jobmon_arch package


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