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D.J.Baker at soton.ac.uk D.J.Baker at soton.ac.uk
Fri Apr 7 13:56:22 MDT 2006

Hi Troy,

Many thanks for your useful advice on scheduling. Only had a small chance to
look through it today. I should be taking a more detailed look at things
after my return from my Easter break.

Thanks again -- David.

Quoting "Baker D.J." <D.J.Baker at soton.ac.uk>:

> Hi,
> Our cluster has recently got far more complex, and we have put some
> interim scheduling policies in place until we can work out something
> better. I wonder if there are cluster administrators in the community
> who could advice us, please. I suspect others have similar set ups in
> place.
> Basically we have one large torque/maui controlled cluster consisting
> of...
> 1. Single core nodes -- all departments
> 2. Dual core nodes -- all departments
> 3. Departmental nodes -- 4 nodes for chemistry (dual cores), 8 nodes for
> eScience (dual cores), 5 single core nodes for Sound/Vibration.
> The nodes in (1) are older, and all users can use them by default and
> access is trivial. For the new nodes (2 and 3) we have devised a simple
> scheme to control access based on switch boundaries. For example, for
> nodes in (2), we have...
> NODECFG[purple301] FEATURES=switch10
> ...
> NODECFG[purple332] FEATURES=switch11
> ..
> Switches 10, and 11 aren't defined in the maui NODESETLIST, and so users
> must specify the appropriate switch(es) on their qsub command. Above all
> we want to ensure that jobs don't ever grab a mix of nodes from (1), and
> (2). Clunky, but works.
> For nodes in (3), again we have followed the same "switch" idea however
> have also defined a standing reservation to limit user access. Also, of
> course, users can ensure that their jobs can spill over into the main
> facility by doing something like:
> qsub -W x=NODESET:ONEOF:FEATURE:switch10:switch11:escience ...
> Above all I think this scheme is clunky, and could be improved upon(?)
> -- we are writing a script to hide the details, however. Could any one
> with more experience of setting large systems please advise us by
> suggesting possible set ups based on queues, partitions, etc. An
> interesting question comes to mind...in a torque/maui system it is
> possible for queued jobs to migrate from one queue to another if
> resources are busy
> Thanks -- David.
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