[Mauiusers] Test of Maui causes core dumps

Michael Homa mhoma at uic.edu
Tue Apr 4 16:13:59 MDT 2006


I'm running torque 1.20p3 under RH 9.0 on our 64-node cluster. The
production scheduler is PBS sched. I'm trying to replace that with Maui
(3.26p14). I created the Maui executables without problem and have the
basic cfg file. I configured maui to run in test mode for evaluation
purposes. Each time I start Maui, messages are written to the log and
then the Maui scheduler core dumps. Edited version of the log:

04/04 16:54:17 INFO:     starting Maui version  ##################
04/04 16:54:17 MAMSetDefaults()
04/04 16:54:17 ServerProcessArgs(1,ArgV,0)
04/04 16:54:17 starting  version Maui (PID: 24030) on Tue Apr  4 16:54:17
04/04 16:54:17 MPBSInitialize(ARGO-NEW,SC)
04/04 16:54:18 WARNING:  cannot bind to port 15004, errno: 98 (Address
already in use)
04/04 16:54:18 WARNING:  cannot connect to PBS scheduler port 15004
04/04 16:54:18 __MPBSSystemQuery(ARGO-NEW,RCount,SC)
04/04 16:54:18 INFO:     connected to PBS server :0 on sd 1
04/04 16:54:18 INFO:     XRMInitialize not supported
04/04 16:54:18 MPBSClusterQuery(ARGO-NEW,RCount,SC)
04/04 16:54:18 __MPBSGetNodeState(Name,State,PNode)
04/04 16:54:18 INFO:     PBS node argo4-4 set to state Idle (free)
04/04 16:54:18 INFO:     node slot not set on node 'argo4-4'
04/04 16:54:18 INFO:     resources detected: 64
04/04 16:54:18 MPBSWorkloadQuery(ARGO-NEW,JCount,SC)

The messages stop at the PBSWorkloadQuery. I would expect Maui shouldn't
be able to talk to PBS via 15004 because that port is already in use as
part of the production environment.

The only thing I can think of is my old version of torque is not compatable
with the more recent Maui?

Can anyone make any suggestions or point me in the right direction. I've
persused the logs and nothing seems to jump out. Thanks.

Michael Homa
Operating Systems Support and Database Group
Academic Computing and Communication Center
University of Illinois at Chicago
email:  mhoma at uic.edu

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