[Mauiusers] Queue Priority question Torque/Maui..Still using FIFO

Dan Roberts Daniel.G.Roberts at sanofi-aventis.com
Thu Sep 22 13:07:47 MDT 2005

Hello All
I have two queues..one at 0 priority the other at 100..
It appears to me that the priority settings have no effect.

Do I have to do something at the Maui end that I have missed?

I didn't expect such behavior.  what might I have done wrong?
The queue descriptions are below..

# Create and define queue ghts
create queue ghts
set queue ghts queue_type = Execution
set queue ghts Priority = 0
set queue ghts resources_max.nodect = 11
set queue ghts enabled = True
set queue ghts started = True
# Create and define queue ghtshigh
create queue ghtshigh
set queue ghtshigh queue_type = Execution
set queue ghtshigh Priority = 100
set queue ghtshigh resources_max.nodect = 11
set queue ghtshigh enabled = True
set queue ghtshigh started = True

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