[Mauiusers] [RESENT+PATCH]: maui-3.2.6p13 NODESET:ONEOF:FEATURE:list not working or is it?

Wolfgang Wander wwc at rentec.com
Tue Sep 20 06:53:43 MDT 2005

Following the complaints about this feature misbehaving I
tried my luck to no avail either.  Jobs are added preferably
to the nodes providing the FEATURES 'list' but if these
nodes are busy jobs are sent everywhere else...

A small test system with a default configuation works great
if the FEATURES are added via NODECFG to the maui.cfg file. 

As soon as a BACKFILLPOLICY other than NONE is active, backfilled
jobs start to appear on nodes without the required features.

I've tracked the problem down to a bug? in MSched.c where in
MJobAllocMNL a failed call to MJobSelectResourceSet seems to
have no affect.  In fact the log message 

INFO:     cannot locate adequate resource set for job ...

is dutyfully printed but the job is started anyways.

It seems to me that if while looping over rqindex 
no MJobSelectResourceSet succeeds the ResourceIteration loop
below should not be entered at all (MJobSelectResourceSet does
not seem to clean out the NodeList, which is initialized
with the MFeasibleList if it fails).

The following patch seems to solve my problems - if you would
please give me a nod as to if that approach makes sense, it
would be more than welcome...


*** ../maui-3.2.6p13.orig/src/moab/MSched.c	Fri Sep 16 12:31:23 2005
--- src/moab/MSched.c	Fri Sep 16 16:19:41 2005
*** 655,660 ****
--- 655,661 ----
    for (nsindex = 0;nsindex < 2;nsindex++)
+     int qSuccess=0;
      /* PASS 0:  attempt node set allocation */
      /* PASS 1:  attempt any set allocation  */
*** 722,729 ****
--- 723,735 ----
+       qSuccess = 1;
        }    /* END for (rqindex) */
+     if( !qSuccess )
+       continue;
    for (ResourceIteration = 0;ResourceIteration <= 5;ResourceIteration++)
      /* NOTE:  apply job preferences 'within' affinity values */

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