[Mauiusers] Distributed Applications Support Engr. Required – Yahoo Web Search

Arnab Bhattacharjee arnabnil at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 17 01:30:05 MDT 2005

If you are interested in the following job descrition please send an email 
with an updated resume to websearch-jobs at yahoo-inc.com or 
arnabnil at hotmail.com

Distributed Applications Support Engineer – Yahoo Web Search Web Map Team

We are looking for a senior software engineer to join the Web Map team.  The 
Webmap team is responsible for building, maintaining and analyzing a multi 
billion document database which is the primary engine for link analysis, 
document discovery and data mining. Building this system provides many 
technical challenges in the areas of distributed computing, data analysis, 
peta-byte scale storage systems, high-performance and high availability 

Do you like putting all the components of a system together and seeing it 
run?  Does the challenge of debugging an elusive network issue sound fun? 
Would you enjoy hammering different hardware configurations to figure out 
how to achieve the most cost-effective performance? As a key member of the 
team you will be responsible for deploying and maintaining large distributed 
applications that are core to the Yahoo Web Search product. You will be 
responsible for troubleshooting production problems and optimizing 
performance. You will be a self starter and be able to solve a wide variety 
of complex problems in innovative and practical ways.

Yahoo Web Search, is passionate about building the worlds best search 
engine!  Search is one of the most vital and dynamic technologies behind the 
Internet! It is full of new challenges and opportunities for innovation. 
We’re looking for world-class talent to join our team! If you have a desire 
to be part of building the best and most innovative search engine on the 
planet, come talk to us.


•	Support production deployments of large scale, distributed applications.
•	Learn the application architecture and troubleshoot operational issues. 
Translate learning into proposals for new product features.
•	Automate recurring operations tasks, and implement new features in the 
product as needed.
•	Monitor cluster health and performance.
•	Participate in capacity planning and hardware requirements analysis
•	Deployment of new releases and hardware
•	Document tools and operational procedures.

Required Qualifications/Education:
•	BS or MS in Computer Science, Information Systems (or equivalent)
•	3+ year(MS) or 5+ years(BS)  of industrial experience
•	2+ years experience operating large distributed applications on Linux 
clusters preferably using Condor
•	Linux/Network Administration
•	Scripting: Shell/Perl/Python/Tcl
•	Programming in C/C++
•	Excellent planning, communication and inter personal skills
•	Customer and quality oriented with strong focus on maintaining a high 
Quality of Service.

Desired Additional Experience:
•	Cluster computing platforms like Condor/ Beowulf/ Slurm/ PBS/ Moab
•	Parallel computing platforms like MPI/PVM
•	Database administration
•	Web development
•	Application and hardware performance benchmarking

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