[Mauiusers] Late Maui snapshot sums up active jobs badly

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Thu Sep 15 02:54:43 MDT 2005


Lennart Karlsson wrote:
> Using Maui version maui-3.2.6p14-snap.1125680408 and
> Torque version 1.2.0p6, there seems to be a factor two
> error in simple arithemetics.
> In the demonstration below user 'mahul' should be able to run
> his three queued one-processor jobs, because the limit is eight
> and he is merely using four. But Maui thinks that he already
> uses eight processors.
> I can tell that Maui has the same factor two problem counting MAXPS,
> although I will not clutter up this e-mail with a demonstration.
Do this nodes have more then one cpu? (Torque config np=2)

If so how how do you allocate the nodes. Can there only be one job 
active on one node or is it shared?

I had the same problem with an earlier maui version with MAXPS factor 
two problem. My cocnfiguration is that we schedule one job per node and 
each node has 2 cpu's.

Maui sees that has two task per node and we had an problem that MAXPS 
for qsub -I -lnodes=1 and qsub -I -lnodes=1:ppn=2 is calculated 
differently. Maybe is the same problem you encounter.
There is an maui thread about this subject.

I have an patched maui version that does the right calculation if we 
only schedule one job per node for SMP machines.

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