[Mauiusers] MAUI Debian package

Ram Kumar DANGETI ramkumar.dangeti at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 09:06:25 MDT 2005

Is there any Debian binary package for MAUI already available? 
Iam very new to this domain and recently I tried to build a debian package 
using checkinstall for "Maui 3.2.6 - Patch 13" version. But it seems that by 
default the hostname of the machine on which I built this package is 
embedded in all the binaries. So when I installed this on another machine, I 
realized that it was using the wrong hostname(system on which it was built). 

Is there any configure option which can be used for building a hostname 
independent maui binaries and use the SERVERHOST from maui.cfg instead ? 
Thankyou and hope to hear from you regarding this.
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