[Mauiusers] growing standing reservations?

Andrew J Caird acaird at umich.edu
Thu Oct 27 12:43:34 MDT 2005

Hello all:

We have one standing reservation configured like:

SRCFG[sr1] STARTTIME=00:00:01
SRCFG[sr1] ENDTIME=00:15:00
SRCFG[sr1] USERLIST=user1,user2
SRCFG[sr1] CLASSLIST=pbs-queue-1

The intent is that once each day the peole in group1 and user1 and user2 
will get 14:59 of dedicated time, starting at midnight.  This, in fact, 
has the effect of keeping almost all 16 of these nodes open all day, since 
almost no one runs jobs shorter than 24 hours on this cluster.

In the GENERAL partition are about 100 compute nodes; so this SR gets to 
pick 16 of them as appropriate.  Also in this partition are three 
reservations set with "setres" that are specific to particular hosts.

We've noticed that, over time, 'showres' reports that it has allocated 
more than TASKCOUNT nodes, for example:

sr1.2.0           User -  1:09:21:43  1:09:36:42    00:14:59   17/17   Sat Oct 29 00:00:01
sr1.3.0           User -  2:09:21:43  2:09:36:42    00:14:59   17/17   Sun Oct 30 00:00:01
sr1.4.0           User -  3:10:21:43  3:10:36:42    00:14:59   17/17   Mon Oct 31 00:00:01
sr1.5.0           User -  4:10:21:43  4:10:36:42    00:14:59   17/17   Tue Nov  1 00:00:01
sr1.6.0           User -  5:10:21:43  5:10:36:42    00:14:59   17/17   Wed Nov  2 00:00:01

Why does it do this?  If I wait long enough, will one of those get release 
to get me back to 16/16?  I doesn't seem to do.  If I restart maui, it 
will go back to 16/16 for a while, though.

Since we're using this, if there is some logging or debugging you need, I 
think I could get it.

As usual, I'm not 100% confident in my configuration, so if anyone has 
comments on that, I'd be happy to hear those, as well.


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