[Mauiusers] FLAGS=SPAN?

Andrew J Caird acaird at umich.edu
Wed Oct 26 14:39:13 MDT 2005

We recently tried to have jobs in a particular class (PBS queue) run on 
nodes that can be drawn from two different maui PARTITIONS.

It looked, from the documentation, like the option "FLAG=SPAN", either in 
a QOSCFG line that is later applied to a CLASSCFG; or directly applied to 
a CLASSCFG.  But it didn't seem to do anything.  Jobs would run in one 
queue or the other, but wouldn't span them.  checkjob would produce:

    job cannot run in partition PART1 (insufficient idle procs available: 4 < 16)

    cannot select job 77352 for partition PART2 (Class)

Is there any more documentation on the use of "FLAG=SPAN" that someone can 
point me to?  I very much suspect that I'm misunderstanding it or have 
some other, conflicting configuration somewhere in maui or PBS.


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