[Mauiusers] reservations vs. standing reservations

Andrew J Caird acaird at umich.edu
Wed Oct 12 13:22:56 MDT 2005

I have a question about the interaction between standing reservations and 
advance reservations (those set from the command line with setres).

I had set 40 nodes aside using setres for a particular user.  That worked 
well; the nodes eventually all were free and his 40-node job started and 

In the mean time, I created a standing reservation for 16 nodes (with 
property SPACEFLEX); aside from the 40 set aside for one user, there are 
35 additional nodes from which the SR can choose.

When the users 40-node job ended, about 2 days into his 14-day 
reservation, the SR grabbed 16 of his nodes and allocated them for itself.

This confused me.

I would have expected those 40 nodes to be "off-limits" for standing 
spaceflex reservation or normal maui-created job reservations.

The down side of this is that the SR had started to gather nodes to get to 
its needed 16; now it has relinquished those thinking it can use 16 of the 
40 that were already set aside.

Am I misunderstanding something here?  Or is there some logic in the code 
that isn't quite right?


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