[Mauiusers] How do I associate a node subset with specific users ?

Mark Moore mmoore at ucar.edu
Wed Oct 5 08:50:32 MDT 2005

Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:

> This is probably a FAQ, but I couldn't find a solution in the
> Maui documentation:
> We've added 24 nodes owned by a certain person to our cluster,
> and those nodes have been created with a specific node property
> which uniquely identifies them.
> Now we want to enforce the policy that only the nodes' owner
> (or a small group of people) should be able to run jobs on
> the 24-node subset.  If other users request these nodes,
> their jobs should not be allowed to start.  In fact, if
> users don't specify any node properties, then their jobs should
> *not* be considered by Maui for running on the 24-node subset.
> Preferably the usual queues should be used (long, verylong, etc.),
> but it would also be OK to create a new queue exclusively for the
> 24-node subset.
> Question: How do I associate a node property or a node subset
> with a specific group of users ?  Or maybe my goal should be
> achieved in a completely different way ?
> Thanks a lot,
> Ole
    a queue name of 'private'
    a node property of 'mynode'
    and valid users 'usera' and 'userb'

qmgr> set queue private resources_default.neednodes = mynode
qmgr> set queue acl_user_enable = True
qmgr> set queue acl_users = usera,userb

Then request the 'private' queue in the qsub script.

Note that this works with Maui, not the default C scheduler.

There are a couple of references in the archives regarding this.


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