[Mauiusers] MAUI miscounts total running user specific jobs ... user MAXJOB limit is affected

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Tue Nov 29 14:15:30 MST 2005


I am running a snap-shot of Maui from October and have user MAXJOB 
limits specifed as:

 >>USERCFG[rbw]      PRIORITY=100 MAXPROC=128 MAXJOB=40 QDEF=default

which should allow 40 jobs to run as user 'rbw', but allows only half 
that number because Maui
FALSELY counts active/running jobs at 40 when there are only 20 
running!  If I double the
MAXJOB twice as many will run, but still only half the number 
specified.  Somehow running
jobs are being double counted.  With only 20 running, checkjob on the 
21st job (19475) yields:

 >>job 19475 violates active SOFT MAXJOB limit of 40 for user rbw (R: 1, 
U: 40)

The line above is reported from MJob.c after a MPolicyCheckLimit() call:

sprintf(Message,"job %s violates %s %s %s limit of %d for %s %s %s (R: 
%d, U: %d)\n",
                (OID != NULL) ? OID : NONE,
                (oindex1 != mxoNONE) ? MXO[OList1[oindex1]] : "",
 ***         OP->Usage[PList[pindex]][0]);

OP->Usage[PList[pindex]][0] contains the wrong value, but finding where 
this value
for the running job count is accumulated is not easy with all the 
pointer aliasing.  I think
OP is set above in a 'case' statement tree to:

OP = &J->Cred.U->L.AP;

but am not sure.   In what routine are running job totals for a giving 
user accumulated?
What is the name of the structure.element where this number is held 

We have a go-around, but I would like to fix and recompile ...

Thanks for your thoughts ...

Richard Walsh


Richard B. Walsh

Project Manager
Network Computing Services, Inc.
Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC)
rbw at ahpcrc.org  |  612.337.3467

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