[Mauiusers] torque, maui out of sync

Austin Godber godber at mars.asu.edu
Fri Nov 18 09:05:05 MST 2005

Chris Samuel wrote:
>>Any idea why maui wouldn't recognize a queue defined and enabled in torque?
> <clutching_at_straws>
> Have you restarted Maui since you created them ?
> </clutching_at_straws>

Yes, I did.  But that raises a good question.  For every change I make 
in torque, do I have to restart maui?  Maui doesn't get updated if I add 
a queue or just change a single setting.  It looks like maui doesn't see 
the change.  Is there a way to force it to do so, without completely 
restarting maui?

I believe the problem I had originally was somehow related to my use of
	CLASSCFG[classname]	MAXPROC=80
I believe that the queues that weren't working didn't have CLASSCFG 
statements in my maui.cfg.  Does that make sense?

Actually, why doesn't showconfig show settings made in maui.cfg?  It 
clearly honors them because I can see when jobs hit soft and hard 
limits.  But showconfig only ever shows settings it picks up from torque.

I have fixed the queues I first mentioned by completely removing the 
CLASSCFG settings from my maui.cfg but I still have a queue that maui 
doesn't see.

Here you can see the queue in torque

godber at pyx:$ qmgr -c "print q low-o"
# Create and define queue low-o
create queue low-o
set queue low-o queue_type = Execution
set queue low-o Priority = 250
set queue low-o max_running = 80
set queue low-o resources_default.neednodes = linux-opt32
set queue low-o acl_group_enable = True
set queue low-o acl_groups = -ecu
set queue low-o acl_groups += +
set queue low-o enabled = True
set queue low-o started = True

and a diagnose -c does not show the queue at all.  But for jobs 
submitted to this queue the maui.log says:

11/18 09:00:58 INFO:     ignoring job 47931.colossus.mars.asu.edu in 
routing queue

I restarted maui 10 minutes before checking this and all of my other 
queues work, except this one.


PS - Some config info:
shoconfig output: 
qmgr output:

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