[Mauiusers] torque, maui out of sync

Austin Godber godber at mars.asu.edu
Thu Nov 17 12:12:47 MST 2005

I have some queues defined in torque that maui doesn't really seem to 
recognise.  I am a bit of a newbie but have had relatively good luck so far.

But at the moment I have a few queues defined in torque (they are 
execution queues) that when I submit jobs to them, qstat shows them just 
fine, but they don't show up using maui's showq.  The maui logs have 
lines like this:

11/17 12:10:56 INFO:     ignoring job 45300.colossus.mars.asu.edu in 
routing queue

and those jobids correspond to jobs that were destined for the above 
mentioned execution queues.

Any idea why maui wouldn't recognize a queue defined and enabled in torque?


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