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Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Sun Nov 13 16:15:46 MST 2005

On Sat, 12 Nov 2005 03:18 am, Stewart.Samuels at sanofi-aventis.com wrote:

Hi Stewart,

> Thanks to everyone who pointed me to ADMIN3 to allow users to use both the
> "diagnose" and "showq" commands to view job priorities.  This now lets
> users execute these commands, however, diagnose -p and showq -i display the
> priorities of "idle" jobs.  Can someone perhaps explain better than the
> documentation what "idle" really means?  I understand it to basically mean
> that a job has no holds or constraints placed upon it other than available
> resources.

That's quite correct, an Idle job is one that can run if resources become 
available, i.e. it's not blocked by a policy such as the number of running or 
idle jobs a user can have, or it's not been deferred because of a launching 
or RM problem.

> If a job is in the queues with nothing stopping them from executing except
> an open slot based on their needs, shouldn't users and administrators be
> able to see it's priority?

Whilst I don't use Maui here I can confirm that Moab does appear to let normal 
users see the priorities for jobs in the queue with "showq -i".

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