[Mauiusers] mauischeduler and mauischeduler

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Sun Nov 6 16:47:57 MST 2005

On Wed, 2 Nov 2005 06:53 pm, roger wrote:

> There is a maui scheduler from clusterresources, and there is a maui
> scheduler at mauischeduler.sf.net - it seems that one is written in Java
> and one isn't. I'm assuming that these are two completely different
> things, which confusingly share the same name. Can someone confirm that
> please ?

You are quite correct, they are completely different animals.

Using the time honoured method of quickly scanning the FAQ and then making 
sweeping and possibly incorrect pronouncements on a project about which I 
previously knew nothing I reckon that the Java based project is actually both 
a Resource Manager (like PBS/Torque) and a batch scheduler (like Maui/Moab 
from SuperCluster/ClusterResources).

For instance, their FAQ says:


# 2.4 Where do I install the various RPMs? 
# The Maui Scheduler "server" RPM should be installed on one node of your 
# cluster that you've decided should be the control node. 
# The Maui Scheduler "client" RPM should be installed on interactive nodes of 
# your cluster from which users will submit jobs and query system status. 
# The Maui Scheduler "drone" RPM should be installed on all compute nodes of 
# your cluster where batch jobs are run.

So it looks like it's intended to be the complete kit to run jobs on compute 
nodes on a cluster.

Looking at their CVS tree and files to download it looks a bit, umm, slow on 
the development front, the last release was 2003.

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