[Mauiusers] Maui/Torque Queue Priorities

Austin Godber godber at mars.asu.edu
Wed Nov 2 10:22:36 MST 2005

I am working on migrating from another cluster resource 
manager/scheduler and am currently trying to get the queues to work out 
nicely.  I essentially have a high, medium, low queues (one for each 
architecture, but I already figured that out).  Basically I have these 
queues defined in Torque and have set priorities for them (say low=20 
medium=30 and high=50).  I would like Maui to use these priorities and 
the behaviour I would like to see is jobs run proportional to their 
assigned priorities.  So assuming I have 100 node cluster I would hope 
to see (roughly) 50 jobs from high running, 30 from medium and 20 from low.

Based on the comment here:
and information here:

I have tried to set CLASSWEIGHT[0] = 1 which has the obvious effect of 
running the high priority jobs first rather than the lower priority jobs 
which were submitted first.  But I don't seem to get a mixture of jobs.

My fundamental goal is to get a decent balance of jobs running where 
(nearly) everyone will have at least a few jobs running regardless of 
their priority.  At this point, we don't want anyone to have exclusive 
use of all of the cluster nodes based on their higher priority.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Austin Godber
godber at mars.asu.edu

PS - Here is some configuration information:

Output of "qmgr -c 'p s'"
Output of "schdctl -l":

PPS - My test cluster is a 6 node vmware team.  So I only have 5 compute 
nodes at this point, is it possible that things are working the way I 
want them but I just don't see it since I have so few nodes?  (e.g. it 
doesn't really kick in until a certain number of compute nodes are 

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