[Mauiusers] A newbie question

Shefali Bhargava shefalibh at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 18:18:43 MST 2005

I am new to this list and Maui. I have a newbie question 
that may have been answered several times on this list before.
If there is a searchable archive for this list, please point me to the same.

I am trying to integrate Maui and Sun Grid Engine on Solaris.
I was following instructions at

I was able to compile Maui, set "default" parallel environment, 
disable SGE's schedd and run the Maui daemon.
Now when I submit a job to Sun Grid Engine using qsub,
qstat -f shows that the job is now *PENDING*. But it stays pending forever.

I noticed a note on the above website that said:
"All jobs submitted to Maui must be assigned a PE.  Jobs without an assigned PE will have a batch
hold placed upon them."

So I tried:
qsub -pe default 2 $SGE_ROOT/examples/jobs/worker.sh
But even that simply got into the Pending state and never got out of that.
Besides that, I understand that Maui does not have a user interface to perform the advance
reservations that it is capable of. But what is the interface at all? 
How do you actually configure the advance reservations?
How can I actually know for sure that SGE is using the Maui scheduler for scheduling the jobs?

Thanks for any help/pointers that you can provide.


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