[Mauiusers] Re: Some (minor) bugs in Maui Server.c

David Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Wed Mar 30 11:31:29 MST 2005


  Thanks for the report.  Both issues have now been corrected in the
latest Maui snapshot (pre patch 13).


On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 09:55 -0800, Michael Durket wrote:
> David,
>   I have maui-3.2.6p11 and have noticed the following in the module
> Server.c:
>      1) In ServerInitializeLog, in the processing of the '-l' parameter,
>         the debug message issued is identical to that for the -L parameter
>         and should not be (it should refer to the early LOGFILE, not LOGLEVEL).
>      2) In ServerProcessArgs an argument that is not recognized in the list of 
>         argument characters passed to MUGetOpt (in MUtil.c) is returned by 
>         MUGetOpt as '?'.
>         ServerProcessArgs upon receipt of this case proceeds to call ShowUsage
>         and exit(0).
>         The net effect here is that if one invokes maui as follows:
>              maui -L 3
>         You'll get the message "early LOGLEVEL set to 3" followed by the 
>         output of ShowUsage followed immediately by an exit, which is not
>         what is wanted.
>     Michael Durket

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