[Mauiusers] Maui and OS X

Andrew J Caird acaird at umich.edu
Wed Mar 9 11:11:57 MST 2005


I was able to get maui-3.2.6p12 to compile on OS X today; it starts and
runs in TEST mode and seems to get information from PBS, but I don't know
much beyond that, since that's the extent of my testing so far.

However, the steps I took to get it to compile were:

1. Edit configure.ac per:
     < elif test "$OS" = "Darwin"; then
     <   OPSYS="__FREEBSD"
   Then run:
     autoconf configure.ac > configure

2. Install GNU sed and put it first in your path; the sed that comes with
   OS X doesn't seem to handle the combination of the "-f" flag and
   accepting input from stdin which is required when running
   config.status, which configure does right at the end.  The GNU sed does
   just fine.

3. You can now run:
     ./configure --with-pbs=/path/to/pbs/
   (or whatever RM you're compiling against)

4. I had to run "ranlib" on my PBS libraries, you may or may not have to
   do this step.  If you do, you should copy them somewhere safe first.
   You'll know if you need to if you get errors that say something about
   "rerun ranlib".

I'm curious about your experiences with maui on OS X, keep in touch.

Andrew Caird        acaird at umich.edu          734.647.5273
Systems Project Coordinator     http://cac.engin.umich.edu
   University of Michigan Center for Advanced Computing

On Fri, 4 Mar 2005, Clifton Kirby wrote:

> Can Maui be compiled under OS X?  I tried and got the following results,
> /configure
> ...
> ...
> checking whether ln -s works... yes
> /configure: line 1: OS: command not found
> /configure: line 1: OPSYS: command not found
> /configure: line 1: OS: command not found
> /configure: line 1: OPSYS: command not found
> configure: WARNING: Unsupported OS: , attempting build with OPSYS=
> ...
> ...
> I noticed in the configure script the results of uname,"Darwin", are
> assigned to the OS variable and of course that is not in the list of
> OS's resulting in the error above.
> Thanks!

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