[Mauiusers] numerous problems with reservations

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Tue Jul 26 08:39:16 MDT 2005


To eliminate similar problems I upgraded to:

Maui version 3.2.6p14

and so far have not noticed the same standing
reservation dementia.  I upgraded Torque as
well shorty thereafter to 1.2.0p4.  p5 is coming
out shortly.


Richard Walsh
Minneapolis, MN

Lennart Karlsson wrote:

>Garrick Staples wrote July 8th:
>>  setres -c priya -d +8:00:00:00 -s +12:00:00 -f priya -n priya ALL
>>Shouldn't that reservation all nodes with "priya" for 8 days 12 hours from now?
>>I set that yesterday, and 'showres -n' showed the correct nodes, 520 of them
>>with the "priya" feature.
>>Today, that reservation has grow itself to 1388 nodes!
>>So now I'm trying to set a second reservation, exactly like the first but with
>>TASKS==520 and it is failing to set?
>># setres -c priya -d +7:00:00:00 -f priya -n priya TASKS==520
>>ERROR:    'setres' failed
>>ERROR:    cannot select 520 tasks for reservation for 7:17:06:28
>>ERROR:    cannot select requested tasks for 'TASKS==520'
>>Also, can -s default to "as soon as the resources are available" instead of
>>"now"?  Trying to do '-d +7:00:00:00 -f priya ALL' requires a guessing game to
>>find a suitable starting time.
>I have a somewhat similar problem, with Maui-3.2.6p11. The reservation
>is defined
>	SRCFG[devel] STARTTIME=8:00:00 ENDTIME=18:00:05
>	SRCFG[devel] TIMELIMIT=1:00:05
>and the eight nodes are reserved as soon as Maui is started. But when
>a new node gets available in the cluster, after e.g. some repair, this
>node is added to the reservation. (We run Maui with PBSPro or Torque,
>the phenomen appears with either.)
>By the way, this extra node disappears from the reservation if I restart
>Maui twice!
>Best regards,
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