[Mauiusers] numerous problems with reservations

Lennart Karlsson Lennart.Karlsson at nsc.liu.se
Tue Jul 26 06:42:15 MDT 2005

Garrick Staples wrote July 8th:
> Given:
>   setres -c priya -d +8:00:00:00 -s +12:00:00 -f priya -n priya ALL
> Shouldn't that reservation all nodes with "priya" for 8 days 12 hours from now?
> I set that yesterday, and 'showres -n' showed the correct nodes, 520 of them
> with the "priya" feature.
> Today, that reservation has grow itself to 1388 nodes!
> So now I'm trying to set a second reservation, exactly like the first but with
> TASKS==520 and it is failing to set?
> # setres -c priya -d +7:00:00:00 -f priya -n priya TASKS==520
> ERROR:    'setres' failed
> ERROR:    cannot select 520 tasks for reservation for 7:17:06:28
> ERROR:    cannot select requested tasks for 'TASKS==520'
> Also, can -s default to "as soon as the resources are available" instead of
> "now"?  Trying to do '-d +7:00:00:00 -f priya ALL' requires a guessing game to
> find a suitable starting time.

I have a somewhat similar problem, with Maui-3.2.6p11. The reservation
is defined

	SRCFG[devel] STARTTIME=8:00:00 ENDTIME=18:00:05
	SRCFG[devel] TIMELIMIT=1:00:05

and the eight nodes are reserved as soon as Maui is started. But when
a new node gets available in the cluster, after e.g. some repair, this
node is added to the reservation. (We run Maui with PBSPro or Torque,
the phenomen appears with either.)

By the way, this extra node disappears from the reservation if I restart
Maui twice!

Best regards,
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