[Mauiusers] Cluster and Workload Management Training

Dave Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Wed Jul 20 10:22:38 MDT 2005


  Cluster Resources is offering free VNC/Teleconference based training
during the last week of August 2005.  Classes will be held Mon, Aug 22
through Fri, Aug 26.  Training is free for all customers and business
partners and by special invitation.  (If you are not a CRI customer or
business partner, but would like to attend, send email to
support at clusterresources.com - if there is room, you will get a special
invitation!)  Each class is limited to 20 people and each organization
may allow as many people as desired to attend.

  Each days training will be broken into 2 3 hour sessions and will
include live configuration, live troubleshooting, live demos, and
interactive usage of graphical and web based user and admin tools.

  The outline of training is as follows:

Morning Session  9:00 AM MST to 12:00 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time)

- Introduction
- Overview of the Modern Cluster
- Cluster Evolution and the Source of Cluster Productivity Losses
- Detailed Analysis of Political, Resource, Middleware, and
Environmental Blockages
- Moab Workload Manager Architecture

- Addressing Fairness Issues 

  (strategies for priority, usage limit, fairshare, and allocation

- Enabling QoS and Service Level Agreements 

  (using job deadlines, QoS, rollback reservations, and other features)

- Distributing Resources 
  (using reservations, affinity, node sets, queues, and partitions for
optimal efficiency and responsiveness)

- Reducing the Downtime Associated with Downtime  

  (automated failure recovery, system reservations, interleaved
maintenance, and high availability)

- Improving Resource Monitoring and Reporting

  (native resource managers and generic features, consumable resources,
metrics, and events)

- Holistic Cluster Management

  (integrated management of network, storage, and license resources)

- Peer to Peer Grids

  (enabling highly flexible grids in two minutes or less - Live Demo)

Afternoon Session   1:00 PM MST to 4:00 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time)

- Automating Responses to Environments Conditions

  (dynamically modified policies, triggers, reservations, notifications
and other actions in response to failures, altered states, and
performance thresholds)
- Trouble Shooting and Diagnosing Performance
  (using integrated Moab analysis features to evaluate everything from
fairness policies to data staging)

- Capacity Planning

  (using advanced statistics, profiling, and simulation capabilities to
identify cluster bottlenecks and predict future resource needs)

- Optimization

  (using job profiles to enable Moab to 'learn' best application
placement, tuning reservation policies, and identifying policy based

- End User Empowerment

  (Moab Access Portal overview, personal reservations, and improved
workload placement and start estimation tools)

- Tools for Training and Empowering Administrators

  (Moab Cluster Manager overview including integrated documentation and

- Tools for Managers

  (Automating professional report and chart generation displaying
performance and usage for users, accounts, nodes, and clusters)

- New Features of Moab 4.2.4

  (hosting center support - Live Demo, virtualized resources, dynamic
jobs, optimized data staging, application farms, identity management
interface, and other new features)

- A Look to the Future

  (a brief description of the future roadmap for Moab Cluster Suite and
Moab Grid Suite)

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