[Mauiusers] Maui not honouring standing reservations

Drew Leske dleske at uvic.ca
Thu Jul 7 13:47:31 MDT 2005

Hi again,

Anybody have any ideas at all?  Possible problems with my config?  Am I 
misusing the directive or the concept?

I've seen other threads on this subject but no resolution.


Drew Leske wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been having problems with standing reservations.  Under certain 
> conditions--it appears to happen only when Maui is restarted, and so 
> only if jobs are queued at the time--Maui does not honour the standing 
> reservations I have configured.
> I am using Maui 3.2.6p11 with Torque 1.2.0p3.  (On an older cluster I am 
> and have been using standing reservations with Maui 3.2.5p2 with OpenPBS 
> without any troubles.)
> The following snippet is relevant:
> ----
> SRCFG[express]         CLASSLIST=express,test
> SRCFG[express]         HOSTLIST=c06b05,c06b06,c06b07,c06b08,c06b09
> SRCFG[express]         PERIOD=INFINITY
> SRCFG[mars]            CLASSLIST=mars
> SRCFG[mars] HOSTLIST=c08b01,c08b02,c08b03,c08b04,c08b05,c08b06,c08b0
> 7,c08b08,c08b09,c08b10,c08b11,c08b12,c08b13,c08b14,c09b01,c09b02,c09b03,c09b04, 
> c09b05,c09b06,c09b07,c09b08,c09b09,c09b10,c09b11,c09b12,c09b13,c09b14
> SRCFG[mars]            PERIOD=INFINITY
> ----
> Since implementing this I have been finding non-mars jobs on hosts in 
> this list.  (This is a problem because these nodes are "politically" 
> distinct, and we have an agreement with the owners that only their jobs 
> will run here.)  The problem seems to happen when Maui is restarted.  If 
> I have Maui report the reservations via "mdiag -r" it seems to recognise 
> the reservations.
> I have looked into using partitions as well, but the documentation seems 
> to suggest that this is not the way to go.
> Thoughts?  This has been driving me nuts for a while.
> Cheers,
> Drew.

Drew Leske, Senior Systems Administrator
  Systems Group, Computing and Systems Services, University of Victoria
  dleske at uvic.ca; +1250 472 5055 (office); +1250 812 4769 (cel)

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