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Thanks maui forum members for your great help so far.


If you want to move a single running job (sequential job for 1 cpu) from
node x to node y that have same arch. How do you use the checkpoint to do


I’m not sure I understand how to set the default checkpoint.

If a place –c c=240 in the qmgr or in the scriptjob, I don’t see anything
appear in the checkpoint directory of the node in question after 240


I understand that if a job is system chekpointable, it will restart after a
node reboot.


Any pointers on how to move a running job ?

to verify the checkpoint file of a job ?

how to manually initiate a checkpoint of a job ?

If a user spend more time than is wallcputime, can he get re-queued with the
previous checkpoint and with the same initial time ?


Config is torque,maui, suse9.3




Alexandre Le Bouthillier

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Montreal (Qc) Canada, H3C 3J7


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