[Mauiusers] MAUI + MPICH2 question (init script + scheduling on the wrong node)

Alexandre Le Bouthillier alexleb at crt.umontreal.ca
Wed Jul 6 02:52:05 MDT 2005

Dear members,

We have a cluster with torque, maui and mpich2 on suse 9.2

Quick question, when a qsub is made for a mpiexec of n thread and n nodes are 
reserved, how mpi knows on which node to send it.

Here is the setup
#at cluster startup
mpdboot -n 12 -F mpd.hosts

qsub script

the script contain a request for 4 nodes and a mpiexec with -n 4 for example.

After doing so quick test I find that mpi doesn't run the jobs on the reserved 
1) How do you link maui and mpi together.

2) The problem with mpdboot, which is run on the master node only, is if a 
node restart, it doesn't join the mpdring again.  Someone have an init script 
for suse  with mpd ?

thanks for your help

Alexandre Le Bouthillier
alexleb at crt.umontreal.ca

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