[Mauiusers] Evaluating New Moab Features

Dave Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Fri Jul 1 10:48:13 MDT 2005


  The development release of Moab (Moab 4.2.3) has recently enhanced a
number of key features.  If you are an existing partner or customer and
would like to evaluate the early access releases of Moab to make certain
these features fully address all local needs, please contact us at
support at clusterresources.com

  Currently, we are interested in additional evaluating sites for the
following feature enhancements:

- Identity Manager Support 

  Moab 4.2.3 can import full credential configuration, policy, and
relationship information from a global information service (web service,
database, file, script, etc).  This information includes fairshare usage
information, fairshare limits, usage limits, priorities, queue and
account access, email addresses, etc.  This feature eases coordination
of credential information within multi-cluster environments and allows
Moab to automatically synchronize with and take advantage of existing
credential data stores 

- Global Resource Sharing

  Moab 4.2.3 will allow a global resource to be shared by multiple
independent clusters and allow these clusters to coordinate usage of the
shared resource to prevent over-subscription without being aware of each
other.  This is useful with license managers, storage managers, and
network managers which are shared by jobs within multiple independent

- Peer to Peer Credential Mapping

  Moab 4.2.3's Peer to Peer design provides the ability to create
enterprise and wide area grids which utilize both client and server side
credential mapping, flow control, job profiles, and automatic workload
steering.  This provides significant additional control and efficiency
over previous capabilities. 

- Just in Time Integrated 'Model 3' Data Staging

  Moab 4.2.3 can simultaneously integrate jobs with data staging
requirements from Model 1, Model 2, and Model 3 storage managers (Model
1:  loosely scheduled, limited information, limited control,  Model 2:
limited control, Model 3: tightly scheduled, full information, full

- Dynamic Job Based Service Management

  Moab 4.2.3 is designed to allow intelligent integrated scheduling of
HPC workload with other cluster based services such as web farms,
visualization services, parallel databases, and other applications.
This is accomplished using the native interface meaning virtually any
service or job can be quickly 'wrapped' and full dynamic job
optimizations and load management policies can be applied.

   If you or your site are interested in taking advantage of any of
these capabilities in the near future, please let us know.  

Cluster Resources, Inc

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