[Mauiusers] Lost connection to server

Andrea Capriotti a.capriotti at cineca.it
Fri Jul 1 02:51:50 MDT 2005

Il giorno ven, 01/07/2005 alle 10.19 +1000, Chris Samuel ha scritto:

> > I'm using MAUI 3.2.6p11 and OpenPBS 2.3.16 in a 512 nodes cluster and
> > all works fine. Since last week I have a strange problem in some of the
> > nodes (node421,node425,node454 and node464):
> >
> > node421:/var/spool/pbse/mom_logs # showq
> > ERROR:    lost connection to server
> > ERROR:    cannot request service (status)
> I've seen this happen with other commands due to clock drift between the 
> server and the node you're on, this seems to disturb the authentication 
> system and you get this generic failure.
> Are your clocks properly sync'd with NTP ?
> BTW: This is with Moab, rather than Maui, but I don't know if that makes any 
> difference..

Thanks Chris, it was my problem! Those nodes had a wrong BIOS date
setting and NTP daemons were not working. I fixed the date and the
problem disappeared.

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