[Mauiusers] "consumable resources" questions

Balle, Susanne susanne.balle at hp.com
Thu Jan 27 12:43:19 MST 2005


I am trying to understand how "consumable resources" work. 

Since Maui is supporting "consumable resources" by default when
available via the underlying resource manager does that mean that if I
have specified that I want to use "backfill" in Maui.cfg I will get
"consumable resources and backfill"? 

If I can get "consumable resources and backfill" I expect the
"consumable resources" scheduler to go first and then the "backfill"
Am I right? How do you make sure that the highest priority job doesn't
get pushed out too far in the future by squeezing in smaller jobs.

Also how does the "consumable resources" support work? Is it scheduling
jobs on  FIFO basis? Or does it use the "fairness throttling policies"
the same way "backfill" is? Does it have 2 passes also?

Is there a way that I can restrict the "consumable resources" support to
a given partition? to a given set of nodes? Do I have to do that via the
underlying resource manager?

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