[Mauiusers] Problem: maui-3.2.6p11 on Solaris 9

Siegmar Gross Siegmar.Gross at informatik.fh-fulda.de
Wed Jan 26 08:28:20 MST 2005


I've downloaded maui-3.2.6p11.tar.gz and tried to install it on Solaris 9
Sparc. Before I succeeded I had to do the following steps:

I added the following lines in "configure" (before line 2246)

elif test "$OS" = "SunOS"; then

Furthermore I had to change some lines in "src/server/Makefile" (line 49)

install: all
	mkdir -p $(INST_DIR)/{bin,sbin,include,lib}
	mkdir -p $(MSCHED_HOME)/{log,traces,stats,spool,tools}

install: all
	mkdir -p $(INST_DIR)/bin $(INST_DIR)/sbin
	mkdir -p $(INST_DIR)/include $(INST_DIR)/lib
	mkdir -p $(MSCHED_HOME)/log $(MSCHED_HOME)/traces
	mkdir -p $(MSCHED_HOME)/stats $(MSCHED_HOME)/spool
	mkdir -p $(MSCHED_HOME)/tools

setenv LDFLAGS	   "-lsocket -lnsl -lresolv"

configure --prefix=/usr/local/maui \
  --with-spooldir=/var/spool/maui \
  --with-pbs=/usr/local/OpenPBS \
  |& tee log.configure

make |& tee log.make
make install |& tee log.make-install

Is it possible that somebody adds these things to the distribution?
Thank you very much in advance. Next I'll try to get the scheduler
up and running. Hopefully without bigger problems.

Kind regards


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