[Mauiusers] New Moab/TORQUE Releases

Dave Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Wed Jan 12 12:39:00 MST 2005


TORQUE Resource Manager

  TORQUE-1.1.0p6 is officially released.  A huge thanks goes out to the
many sites contributing patches both on and off the mailing lists.
Testing of this release has gone quite well and we are getting a very
positive response from all sites and platforms so far.  Please test this
release out and let us know directly, via the mailing list, or via
bugzilla if you find anything awry.  We will be collecting all patches
and rolling them into a final stability release before embarking on
multiple development projects for TORQUE 1.2.0. (See

Moab Workload Manager 

  Moab Workload Manager 4.2.0p4 is officially released.  This is a
stability release and contains a number of minor fixes and

  The latest development release, Moab 4.2.1 is also now available to
select customers.  This release possesses extensive utility based
computing enhancements allowing simplified dynamic just-in-time cluster
installation and provisioning of compute nodes, data resources, network
resources, etc.  Triggering and custom resource management plug-ins are
enabled allowing improved resource availability and monitoring.  Further
accounting and reporting enhancements allow even better visualization of
cluster performance and faster diagnosis of cluster failures.  (See
http://clusterresources.com/moab and http://clusterresources.com/mcm)

Maui Scheduler

  Maui Scheduler development has lagged a bit recently with the load
imposed by other projects.  However, a new release will be available
within a month containing improvements in security, fault tolerance,
resource limit enforcement policies, SLURM and LSF support, workload
prioritization, and diagnostics.

Thanks again.  2004 was an incredibly busy and productive year.  2005 is
looking even better.  Both community and professional software projects
are growing at a torrid pace with significant growth amongst fortune
1000, general commercial, government, and academic organizations.
Thanks for making this possible and let us know what we can do to make
things better!


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