[Mauiusers] not quite exact class/queue feature requirements parsing in maui 3.2.6p11 and torque/openpbs

Marcin Mogielnicki mar_mog at o2.pl
Mon Feb 14 07:32:59 MST 2005


According to mailing lists, documentation, changelog and many other 
things it's possible to tie classes/queues to specified nodes by setting 
node property to chosen string (for example 'set node nodemane 
properties=chosenstring') and tie any queue to such marked subset of 
nodes ('set queue queuename resources.default.neednodes=chosenstring'). 
I agree it really works this way. When I submit job, checkjob returns:

Req[0]  TaskCount: 2  Partition: ALL
Opsys: [NONE]  Arch: [NONE]  Features: [batch]

what is right - all the nodes should have property batch set. Hovewer it 
works only when job consists of single request. Let's try to submit job 
with more than one request (some of the output is removed):

# qsub -l nodes=1:ppn=2+1
sleep 100
# checkjob 7595
Req[0]  TaskCount: 2  Partition: ALL
Opsys: [NONE]  Arch: [NONE]  Features: [batch]
Req[1]  TaskCount: 1  Partition: ALL
Opsys: [NONE]  Arch: [NONE]  Features: [NONE]

As you can see it's interpreted as req 0 - nodes with requested property 
and req 1 - any nodes, what is not quite as it should be, because all 
the requests are in the class/queue with neednodes=batch set.

Is this behaviour, hm, bug, which whould be fixed or should it work this 

    Marcin Mogielnicki, ICM, Poland

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